Worldly Goods Inc. introduces new Holiday Assortments

We are gearing up for the holiday season by introducing 3 new Holiday Assortments to our stellar collection of glass sphere assortments. The assortments are each 12 pieces and will feature new threaded, silver plated, or white spheres that are perfectly matched for the holiday season.

The “Holiday Threads Assortment” includes (12) 4.5” Clear spheres with a thread of color covering the whole sphere. There are (4) with Emerald Threads (4) with White Threads and (4) with Ruby Threads making it a perfect addition to any holiday decor.

The “White Assortment” a collection of (12) clear spheres with white textures and patterns for a touch of the snowy holiday season. Bring the beauty of winter indoors with (4) 4.5” Clear w/White Threads Spheres, (4) 4.5” Clear w/White Cobwebs Spheres , and (4) 4.5” White Speckled Spheres.

The “Silver and White Assortment” is (12) Plated glass spheres with various designs and textures. (4) 4.5” Sphere Silver w/White Threads (4) 4.5” Sphere Silver w/White Dot & Dash and (4) 4.5” Sphere Silver Twirled.

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