Emerald Sphere Specials

emerald-spc-mix A festive mix of some of our blown glass spheres that is perfect for the holiday season.  This assortment is comprised of items you may never see again,  so get them while you can! We have included the option for adding a Giant Cylinder which is a great way to display this mix.


3″ Emerald Cobweb

2 Pieces

3 in.Emerald twirled

3″ Emerald Twirl

3 Pieces


3″ Ruby

2 Pieces

4.5in. Em Spotted

4.5″ Clear w/Emerald Spots

2 Pieces


4.5″ Clear w/ Emerald Swirl

2 Pieces


4.5″ Ruby

2 Pieces

GA-650 With Giant Cylinder $100
GA-655 W/O Giant Cylinder $68