Company History

Worldly Goods Inc. has been in the Blown Glass business since 1990. Remember when green coke bottle glasses with cobalt rims became the rage? We did that! We then progressed and designed all sorts of glasses, goblets, and pitchers in all sorts of sizes, shapes, and colors. We worked with a succession of Mexican factories and had a succession of challenges. We learned. We grew.

In 1998, we began selling glass sphere. We started with traditional silver plated Spheres but quickly, added many variations. These first collections were blown “free-form,” not into a mold. For this reason they varied tremendously. A 6″ sphere might be 5″ or 7″- and may not have been exactly round! The color was also difficult to predict with each shipment being somewhat different. Charming, but hard to explain to our customers. We have come a long way. There are still alot of variations in some of our products as they are individually hand-made, but color and size are fairly consistent, especially the spheres.

We no longer make glasses, goblets, or pitchers, but have expanded our line to include a large assortment of decorative products. The assortment of 5 sizes of silver plated spheres has grown to 114 colors and patterns and 8 sizes. We have added products for the garden such as birdbaths, birdhouses, votive holders and decorative hanging pendants. We offer a beautiful collection of vibrant flowers and leaves as well as various vases to hold them. We have Bottles! Large, small, slim, chunky… colors galore! You get the picture.

In June 2013 we crafted our free form silver plated stones. These are put together on bases to form stacked sculptures and are also available in sets to be mounted on walls, forming unique designs.

Our latest venture is our Sun Discs- gorgeously colored glass discs from 8″ to 14″ in diameter which are mounted in metal holders. These can be used outdoors in the garden or in various combinations on natural hardwood bases. They are incredible on a sunny windowsill and add an interesting splash of color on a console.

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We keep thinking there can’t be any more colors or pattern combinations but there are! At least twice a year we add, change, and tweak our collections so there is always something new.
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