GROUP-RingsIn 1999, during some downtime at a trade show, several of us took a few of the spheres that were displayed in bowls and tried balancing them on bangle bracelets. Across the aisle from our show space was a water fountain which worked perfectly for filling the spheres with water. We added a flower to each sphere and “voila!” a fabulous new bud vase happened. We have since modified the bangle bracelet to become our 1 3/4″ ring. We have sold tens of thousands of these rings over the years. They are perfect for holding any sphere 3″ to 8″ in diameter.

How We Make It

Worldly Goods Inc. specializes in hand crafted blown glass gifts and accessories for the home and garden.  All our pieces are individually handmade by craftsmen using inherited skills who take great pride in their production.

2013-06-25-14-40-38Because our products are hand crafted, every piece made has unique ripples and optical distortions as well as color and size variations that are a valued integral part of the glassware. Glass blowing is an age old technique practiced by master craftsmen.  Our process begins with recycled glass pieces that generally come from tequila bottles, Coca-Cola® bottles and beer bottles. Beer bottles are where we get much of our amber coloring while our clear glass comes from tequila and Coca-Cola® bottles.

Glassblowing involves three furnaces. The first, which contains a crucible of molten glass, is simply referred to as the furnace. The second is called the glory hole, and is used to reheat a piece in between steps of working with it. The final furnace is called the lehr or annealer, and is used to slowly cool the glass, over a period of a few hours to a few days, depending on the size of the pieces. This keeps the glass from cracking or shattering due to thermal stress.

furnaceThe main tool of an artisan glass blower is his blowpipe, a steel or iron rod usually about 4ft. in length.  The tip of the blowpipe is first preheated; then dipped in the molten glass in the furnace. The molten glass is “gathered” onto the end of the blowpipe in much the same way that viscous honey is picked up on a honey dipper. This glass is then rolled on the marver, which was traditionally a flat slab of marble, but today is more commonly a fairly thick flat sheet of steel.

This process, called marvering, forms a cool skin on the exterior of the molten glass blob, and shapes it. Then, air is blown into the pipe, creating a bubble. Next, the molten glass is attached to another stainless steel or iron rod called a punty for shaping and transferring the hollow piece from the blowpipe to provide an opening and/or to finalize the top.
Hand Crafted Mouth Blown Glass from Recycled Materials

The glass can be blown into a mold to make more uniform products or can be blown free form to create art pieces like our deco bowl or leaves.

There are many ways to apply patterns and color to blown glass, including rolling molten glass in powdered color or larger pieces of colored glass called frit. After the glass is made, it can be mirrored or plated by adding a chemical solution of silver nitrate and ammonia to the inside of the glass.


What We Make

At Worldly Goods Inc, we design all our products and every piece we offer is individually hand-crafted for impeccable quality All our products are mouth blown and made from  recycled glass.  They vary somewhat in size, shape, and  color which is the normal and charming characteristic of artisan workmanship.

Silver Glass


Shimmering, bottles, spheres, candle holders, and bowls all coated inside with silver nitrate to make them mirrored.

Sun Discs


From 8” to 14” in diameter in a large assortment of colors and patterns. Available as a single for the garden or in one of our Natural Wood Bases.

Translucent Spheres

GA-200Spheres in a multitude of sizes and colors with contrasting swirls, spots and threads.


Vases & Hurricanes


From 5” tall to 16” tall and wall mountable.  In many  shapes, textures, and patterns.



Stones and Sculptures


Flowers & Leaves


Handmade, fused glass flowers and leaves in brilliant colors.


Worldly Goods Inc. in July ’14 Edition of Home Accents Today

The July 2014 (Summer Markets Product Preview) edition of H.A.T. selected our Sun Discs in their Orange and Red color feature section.  Our Sun Discs are available in 8”, 11”, and 14” in diameter and can be purchased solo, or in a set of 2 or 4 discs in a natural wood base.  The colors and patterns available are sure to fill all your sun light catching needs.  The picture includes our 8” Ruby Speckled and our 11” Ruby swirled discs in a Natural Wood Base.  For more information on our Sun Discs and other great products from Worldly Goods Inc. please click here.

Wall Stones in the Man Cave

When deciding on wall decorations, your man cave should be replete with everything manly one can think of.   But, what kind of man are you.  Sure, you have to have the classic signed jerseys, rec/intramural league trophies, and of course any team or sport you were proud to play at one point.  But, as Men we have to grow up eventually, even if the powers that be at Unilever and Proctor and Gamble say we can always stay young.  Why not touch up your man cave with a touch of class and elegance.  If Ron Burgundy has Mahogany and many leather bound books why shouldn’t you.  Here’s a way to add depth to your wall as well as a touch of class that’s a bit out of the ordinary.

wall-stones-blogEnter: “Wall stones” from Worldly Goods Inc.  These are actually hand crafted blown glass “stones” that replace a boring mirror or other stereotypical man cave wall attire. Don’t get me wrong, adding depth to a room with a mirror is as ancient as Louis the XIV at Versailles.   Your wall decorations don’t have to be flat, round, or squared to fit a motif.  They can be a collection of shapes and sizes that compliment or better yet contrast a room’s flow.

It’s time for a new perspective.

Your wall decorations don’t have to be flat, round, or squared to fit a motif.  They can be a collection of shapes and sizes that compliment or better yet contrast a room’s flow.Since our “Stones” are hand crafted and mouth blown they have a naturally occurring hole on the back which is perfect for hanging on a nail/screw or one of our specially crafted hooks, made specifically for dry wall, that are paint to match capable.

So, when deciding between a moose head ( awesome) and a signed Romo jersey (lame) consider Worldly Goods Inc. Silver plated wall stones…  for a new perspective.

Engaging Social Media

We at Worldly Goods Inc. value your opinions in every matter of our business. Whether it is a customer service aspect or a new product you would like to see us make. We would like to invite you to connect with us on Social Media in an effort to better serve you by a closer connection. We wish we could just visit every one of you in person, but for the time being we would love to engage you on a more personal level through social media.

Social media is a wonderful place to express questions, comments, and concerns and we encourage you to do so. We have a beautiful pinterest page as well as facebook, twitter, linkedin, and google+. Links are provided at the bottom of this message as well as through our website. This is also the best way we feel to let you know in real time what is going on with us including what may be coming next, where to find us at shows and new product launches.

We have hired an individual to manage this new aspect of our company. Tim Giguere, our new marketing manager, will be handling our day to day marketing tasks as well as our online presence. Any correspondence surrounding the website, social media or media relations can be directed to tim@worldlygoodsinc.com

As always, we can be reached by phone during business hours or email anytime. If you haven’t had a chance to check out our website, please do. We have a gorgeous full color catalog available to those who have registered with us. If you haven’t registered yet or became a customer before our new website launched, please contact us or sign up through our website.

Thank you so much for being a valued part of the Worldly Goods Inc. family and we look forward to working with you.

Catherine Karns
Worldly Goods Inc.



Worldly Goods Inc. introduces new Holiday Assortments

We are gearing up for the holiday season by introducing 3 new Holiday Assortments to our stellar collection of glass sphere assortments. The assortments are each 12 pieces and will feature new threaded, silver plated, or white spheres that are perfectly matched for the holiday season.

The “Holiday Threads Assortment” includes (12) 4.5” Clear spheres with a thread of color covering the whole sphere. There are (4) with Emerald Threads (4) with White Threads and (4) with Ruby Threads making it a perfect addition to any holiday decor.

The “White Assortment” a collection of (12) clear spheres with white textures and patterns for a touch of the snowy holiday season. Bring the beauty of winter indoors with (4) 4.5” Clear w/White Threads Spheres, (4) 4.5” Clear w/White Cobwebs Spheres , and (4) 4.5” White Speckled Spheres.

The “Silver and White Assortment” is (12) Plated glass spheres with various designs and textures. (4) 4.5” Sphere Silver w/White Threads (4) 4.5” Sphere Silver w/White Dot & Dash and (4) 4.5” Sphere Silver Twirled.

For more information on our how our products are made please click here

Worldly Goods Inc. introduces Berry

Worldly Goods Inc. is releasing several new products at the Atlanta and Las Vegas Markets. They have introduced yet another brand new color to their growing collection. Berry, a raspberry and rose hue will be offered in 3 new spheres as well as a sphere assortment with more to come. The elegant berry came about as a response to the demand for colors in an orchid hue. The owner, Catherine Karns, refers to berry as a “sophisticated pink” without being “too pink”

To debut the color, Worldly Goods Inc. has incorporated berry in 3 new blown glass spheres. A 3” translucent sphere, a 4.5” speckled sphere and a 2.5” speckled sphere. The spheres can be purchased by the casepack or in the new Berry Speckled Assortment. The assortment consists of (5) 3” Berry Spheres, (2) 4.5” Berry Speckled Spheres, and (3) 4.5” Clear w/White Threads Spheres. The Berry Speckled Assortment joins as the 9th color in their Speckled Assortments Collection that is already hugely popular.

Our Rings

Ever wonder where our rings came from? Well, in 1999, during some downtime at a trade-show, several of us took a few of the spheres that were displayed in bowls and tried balancing them on bangle bracelets.  Across the aisle from our show space was a water fountain which worked perfectly for filling the sphere with water.  We added a flower to each sphere and “voila!” – a fabulous new bud vase happened.  We have since modified the bangle bracelet to become our 1 ¾” ring.  We have sold tens of thousands of these rings over the years.  They are perfect for holding any sphere 3” to 8” in diameter

Worldly Goods Inc. in June ’14 edition of Home Accents Today

The June 2014 (Dallas Preview) edition of Home Accents today delivers a wonderful color wheel combination with Coral and Turquoise.  You can find our Arctic Cylinder in Sky at the top left corner of the page.  Sky is a color in which we carry a Large assortment of (blown glass) products.  When looking to pair anything with Coral, take a look at all the products we have in sky by typing “Sky” into the search bar at the top right of the page.  We also have other shades of blue the pair very well with Coral including Aqua and a deep Cobalt.  Check out Sky and other great colors we offer by clicking here. You can also check out the picture on Pinterest by clicking here.